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Special Needs    
Tips for Special Needs Parents

If you're the parent of a special needs child, these five suggestions are a must:

1.  Get on your state's Medicaid-waiver waiting lists for state services.  Family income is not a factor for your child to get the help he or she deserves.  Google "Medicaid waiver" and your state name for signup information.  Click here for information on Medicaid-waiver services in Texas.

2.  Create a special needs trust for your child.  These are not for the wealthy, but for anyone who wants to provide for their child beyond the state services.  A lawyer with experience in special needs trusts can set one up.

3.  Get help at home.  Ask friends and family to assist, or hire someone if necessary.  Also, take advantage of all community programs available.  God has blessed you with a special child, and it is your obligation to share your unique blessing with as many people as possible.

4.  Find a church home that welcomes you and your unique family.  You need ongoing support through fellowship and your child needs exposure to God's Word.  In addition, fellow church folk deserve the opportunity to administer God's grace.  If your current church lacks focus, then the passages listed on my "Biblical Perspectives" page may help.

5.  Get involved.  It may be hard dealing with today's challenges, but there are schools, non-profit organizations, and support groups which can help you, and who need you.